Wood adds warmth and beauty to just about any space—that’s why you chose it! However, it’s the least durable of all the surfaces SOLID cares for. There’s an art to working with wood, and that’s why SOLID chooses craftsmen trained to match the exact colors and grains of all types of architectural wood finishes. Whether it’s part of your monthly maintenance program or a one-time service, you can trust the beauty of your wood surfaces to the craftsmen of SOLID. Our systems are always environmentally friendly, and in some cases even reduces or eliminates the need for stripping.

Key Benefits:

  • Highly trained wood specialists combine traditional woodworking skills with modern restoration technology to repair, refinish, adjust the sheen, fill in nicks, or touch up all of your wood surfaces.
  • SOLID is experienced in highly visible areas such as lobbies, conference rooms, elevators, doors, trim, furniture, wall panels, handrails, and more.
  • Poorly maintained floors are responsible for millions of customer and employee injuries, and our NFSI-Certified “high traction” surfaces can help prevent these slips and falls. Not to mention, long-lasting, glossy finishes are much less susceptible to scuffing, black marks, and staining.