SOLID Awards Program 2021

Exceptional Performance Deserves Exceptional Recognition

SOLID is a culture that believes in recognizing its people and being grateful for the help and support of our peers. Our awards program is an extension of that belief and an opportunity to highlight individuals who have stood out in their performance and their representation of our core values and brand. This program is designed to honor, thank and inspire our associates for a year well-lived.

During the awards program held in January 2022 in Charlotte, NC, SOLID associates across the country were recognized and honored for living SOLID’s Core Values of:

  • Be Honest: “We keep our promises. We own our company, actions, and outcomes. You can trust us -with your space, people, and brand.”
  • Be Caring: “We are stewards of all we touch. We are responsible, respectful, and diverse. We care about our people, families, communities, clients, and planet.”
  • Be Creative: “We are solutionists and Innovators because we are curious by nature. We believe everything is possible. We create the future we want.”
  • Be Expert: “We never stop learning. We are committed to developing expertise in all we do. We measure ourselves every day and embrace our clients doing the same.”
  • Be Great: “Greatness doesn’t just happen. It takes hard work and commitment. It’s fun to be great—we hustle to make that happen.”

Highlights of the program included the Phil Calabritto Award, the Dan Abitol Award, and the President’s Award. Company-wide recognition was awarded in the following categories: Safety, Core Values, and Operational, Sales, and Technical Excellence.

SOLID congratulates the following individuals and teams who are the recipients of the following awards.


This award is named in honor of Tim O’Sullivan, SOLID’s former Regional VP, West. The award recognizes those SOLID sales team members who exemplify the trust, relationships, and service our clients rely on SOLID to provide. The 2021 Timmy Award winners are Bethany Legler and Corey May.


The Phil Calabritto Award

The Phil Calabritto Award is named for SOLID’s former Senior Consultant of Technical Services, Phil Calabritto, who is renowned for his expertise and knowledge of the art of stone restoration.  The award recognizes one individual as a master at their craft and their embodiment of SOLID Core Values.

The 2021 award recipient is Lee Haggist.


The Dan Abitol Award

This award is presented to individuals who show excellence in operations and embody the SOLID Core Values, which former SOLID SVP of Operations Dan Abitol was known for living every day.

The 2021 award recipients are Tara Walker and Jason Ruppel.

The President’s Award

This award is the highest award given every year. It is presented to an individual who embodies SOLID company values, guiding principles, and brand attributes.

The 2021 recipient is Sid Harriss.


Company-Wide Awards

Company-wide recognition was awarded in the following categories: Safety, Core Values, and Operational, Sales, and Technical Excellence.

The awards and their winners are:

Best Executive Facility Audit

This award is presented to the SOLID Team that scores the highest marks on thorough and comprehensive Facility Safety Audits conducted by SOLID’s Executive Management Team.  During these audits, the Warehouse and Local Team’s knowledge is tested for their understanding of and adherence to OSHA Regulation and Operational Excellence.  This award was given to Team Omaha, who achieved a 97% score.

 Most Improved Individual – (East/West) 

This award is presented to SOLID Western/Eastern Regional Teammates who have shown the greatest level of improvement in the field of Safety over the past 12 months. Criteria for this award include improvement in safety knowledge, application, leadership, and practice within the Teammate’s respective Region. The 2021 winners are Pedro Rivera, Washington, DC, and Elmer Sanchez, Omaha, NE.

Highest Action Plan Score – (East/West)

This award is presented to the market that achieves the highest percentage year-to-date score on the Safety Action Plan (Safety Metrics). These seven Metrics were developed as “Leading Indicators” to improve safe practices and compliance at SOLID.

First Place was awarded to the Raleigh, NC team, headed by Tara Walker, who achieved a 90% average action score.

Second Place was awarded to the Denver, CO team led by Greg Lot and Ryan Vanderbilt, with an 87% average action score.

SOLID Safety Award

This is awarded by the Local Safety Responsible Officer to employees that have demonstrated the greatest commitment to workplace safety and the health of others. Through their diligent pursuit of safety knowledge, willingness to comply with regulations,

or ambition to take on more responsibility in the advancement of safety at SOLID. This year’s LSRO SOLID Safety Award goes to Mark Fleming, Mike Elrod, Gabe Gonzalas, and Charles Gooch.

SOLID Core Value Awards 

The individuals selected for this group of awards have exemplified one of our company’s core values of Be Honest, Be Caring, Be Creative, Be Great, and Be Expert.

Be Honest Award

This award is presented to associates whose team can always count on. They have earned the trust of customers, managers, and team members. the following individuals received the Be Honest Award. From the Tech Department, Matthew Listerud, Sofonias Lopez, Adolfo Berrocal, Eduardo Diaz. From the Support Team, Tiffany Miller; and from the Sales Department, Jon Hull.

Be Caring Award

This award is for highly customer service-focused associates. They have a reputation of always leaving the job site to the customer’s satisfaction and always go above and beyond on all client interaction. The recipients from the Tech Department are Dantevean Vasser, Terry McAllister, Chris Avina, Jonathan Walker, and Michael Walker. From the Support Team, Allison Bowman; from the Sales Department, Tim Martina; from the TOPS Department Bruno Jaeggi and Robert Bowles; and from Human Resources, Nina Perez.

Be Creative Award

This award is for the team member that goes above and beyond for his company, customer, or team member, no matter the obstacle. This employee tackles a challenging situation with a creative solution even when giving up seems easy. Winners from the Tech Department are Joe Millirons, Patrick Howe, and Genaro Marquez. From the Support Team, Jamie Hawkins; from the Sales Department, Corey May; and from Human Resources, Dnez Cheek.

Be Great Award

This award is for a leader that most exemplifies and embodies the SOLID philosophy: an associate who possesses high character, integrity, a can-do attitude, and is a team player. Recipients from the Tech Department are Ravneel Singh, William Robelto, Ademir Lopez, George Rackley; from the Support Team, Jessica Vierling; from the Sales Department: Don Maroney; and from the TOPS Department, Jason Ruppel. Also recognized for this award from the ROPS Department are Samantha Christopher, Adrian Ayala, Matthew Burger, Greg Lotspeich, and Carlos Contreras.

Be Expert Award

This award is presented to individuals that have invested in learning and developing their skills in a specific trade. Winners from the Tech Department are Luis Llopiz, Henry Hargrove, Keenan Stokes, Percy Alexander; from the Support Team, Erickka Wilson; from the Sales Department: Miranda Tenney; from the TOPS Department, Roy Bowman; and from Human Resources, Bobby Goll.

SOLID Associate Spotlight Award

SOLID recognizes individuals and teams monthly with the SOLID Associate Spotlight Award. Learn more about this award and its recent winners here.