SOLID: A Trusted Partner for Environmental Solutions

The best sustainability program is one that extends the life of usable surface assets with proper restoration and ongoing maintenance programs.  This proactive approach minimizes the negative environmental impacts of disposing surfaces into landfills before their useful life is lived.

In addition to proactive service plans, SOLID utilizes sustainable best practices with all our surface care solutions. We work with our chemical partners to ensure we put the right Green Seal Certified products and equipment into the hands of our expert craftsman.

Facilities and Fleet:

The SOLID Facilities and Fleet teams work with our real estate service partner and our fleet partner, nationwide, to guide us to the best, most sustainable solutions in space use and vehicles.

Offices:  SOLID operates out of 40+ office/warehouse facilities across the nation.  We are actively renewing and negotiating 3 – 5 leases each year.  With each negotiation we work with our brokers, agents and landlord to identify the best fit and most energy-efficient spaces for us to operate.  This can take the form of smaller footprints, proper use of space, water savings and energy usage.

Fleet:  SOLID has over 175 vehicles on our roadways each and every day.  Beyond ensuring our vehicles are properly maintained, in safe operational order, and our drivers properly trained to operate them safely, we seek to reduce their use whenever possible.  We achieve this through GPS systems that guide us to the most efficient routing from client to client. We implement the use of electric vehicles whenever available and when they are the best fit.

Our Social Accountability

We care for our associates like we care for our surfaces, EXPERTLY.

At SOLID, we go beyond on-going training programs to ensure we care for our people.  We do so with higher than industry average wages, access to becoming a craftsman, career advancement, competitive benefits and flexible schedules. We are committed to helping all our associates develop the proper work/life balance.

SOLID is a proponent of continuous growth by supporting activities such as SOLID University, which is our continuing education platform, and participation in professional trade organizations.

SOLID embraces the differences among its associates, clients and vendors, and will not tolerate disrespectful, prejudice or discriminatory behavior of any kind.

SOLID makes every effort to work with suppliers that hold the same social values as we do.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

SOLID participates annually in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).  The CDP is an international non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States of America that helps companies and cities disclose their environmental impact.  We participate annually to report best practices in terms of sustainability; and to learn from others in our industry to adopt the most sustainable processes, procedures, and chemistries.